Providing outreach to the Mosolo Internally Displaced Camp.

Local Organization: International House of Mercy                                  Local Organization: Director: Frank Kibuba                                            Area Served: Mosolo Internally Displaced Camp                               Program Goal: Provide relief, primary education and vocational training to camp residents.                                                                                       Program Services Provided: Food, shelter and medical assistance, primary education and vocational training.                                             Number of Program Beneficiaries: Over 600

Program Summary: Civil war and ethnic fighting have plagued the Democratic Republic of the Congo in recent years, destabilizing the country.  Consequently, the domestic health care system lies in an abysmal state and malaria, HIV/AIDS, and famine related health problems are spreading rapidly. Believing that health and hunger problems must be addressed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bread and Water for Africa® has teamed up with the International House of Mercy in Kinshasa to provide food and medical assistance and shelter construction to over 300 families currently living in the Mosolo Internally Displaced camp in Congo.The camp, located about 70 miles south of the capital city of Kinshasa, has only temporary structures, no water or sanitation and no opportunities. Through a grant from Bread & Water for Africa, shelters are currently under construction and educational and vocational training programs are being offered to camp inhabitants. Many people in the camp are also working side by side with our partner organization to assist with the building of the housing structures, sharing and learning as they move forward. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to assist people to move out of the camp, secure jobs and permanent housing in local communities. This is a long-term problem which will take time to address, however the groundwork for housing, health, education and contact outside of the camp, as well as finding communities willing to take in these internally displaced neighbors have begun with good results.