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The Tale of Elizabeth and Miracle: From Fear, Hunger and Uncertainty to a Future Filled With Hope

The Tale of Elizabeth and Miracle: From Fear, Hunger and Uncertainty to a Future Filled With Hope

Imagine you are an 8-year-old whose mother tells you to watch over your 3-year-old sister until she comes back. That’s what happened to Elizabeth, however her mother never returned leaving the two girls to fend for themselves in a small village in Zambia.


Little girl at Zambia orphanage

Little Nyarai Finds a Family at the Kabwata Orphanage in Zambia

Little Nyarai was only two years old when she was brought to Bread and Water for Africa® partner in Zambia, the Kabwata Orphange, and Transit Centre. She is too young to understand why she is there but old enough to ask “where’s my mommy?”


Woman in Zambia with cake

Budding Bakers Get Support in Starting Their Own Cake Business in Zambia

In Zambia, Angela Miyanda takes in the country’s most vulnerable children and provides them with a loving home. But equally important is the fact that in doing so


Female student from Kenya secondary school

Ann Tiyaa – A Success Story 12 Years in the Making

18-year-old Ann Tiyaa is a Form Four (senior) at Sambut Secondary School in Eldoret, Kenya, who has made great strides in her life. For one thing, she has accomplished something only a few children and youth are able to do in Kenya – attend 12 years of school and poised to graduate with a bright future ahead of her.


Former orphaned young man from Kenya

What a life it has been for Emmanuel!

We at Bread and Water for Africa® began to get to know him as a 2-year-old toddler when he was brought to the Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya, and into the loving arms of Lewa founder and executive director Phyllis Keino after being abandoned by his mother.



Mokob baby

The Survival of My Twins and Me- Mokoba Clinic, Sierra Leone

Jeneba is grateful to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for making it possible to for us to provide funding for our partner  Rural Youth Development Organization Sierra Leone enabling us to renovations its Mokoba clinic where she gave birth to twins.

Man who received treatment at health clinic in Sierra Leone

Caring for Those That Do Not Have Any Other Means: Abel Said THANK YOU!

Abel is a poor farmer who lives in the Kailahun District in rural Sierra Leone. Last fall, Abel noticed that his foot was starting to swell, but he initially ignored it believing he could not afford to seek medical treatment even as it continued to become more and more swollen.


BWA -- FHDO Kady- Healthcare SL

A Remote Clinic in Bunumbu, Sierra Leone, Saves Lives Every Day!

Kady is a 75-year-old widow living in the small village of Tenithun in rural Sierra Leone who since the passing of her husband six years ago has been surviving as a substance farmer, depending on the food she grows for herself and her son on her small tract of land.


Older man who survived Ebola Outbreak

Moye: From Death’s Door to ‘Happily Rejoicing’

Moye had been living a happy life in the small Sierra Leonean village of Kojowolo before the deadly Ebola outbreak of 2014 tragically took the lives of his wife and their two children, leaving the 62-widower all alone in the empty house.



Little girl at Zambia orphanage

Education is the Future!

Kamera’s mother and father are hardworking and just like all parents in Sierra Leone and around the world only want the best for their beloved 11-year-old son.Even with a relatively good job as a police officer, and with the extra money brought into the household by his mother through the selling of rice,


Female Student from school in Kibera

Transforming the Lives of Children in Kibera

Kuda was born in the small Kenyan village of Jera in 2007 and never knew her father who left before she was born.It was a struggle for her mother raising Kuda and her three siblings to ensure all the children got enough to eat.


Student at secondary school in Kenya

Joseph Ekidor – Making His Way in the World with Educational Support

Joseph Ekidor is no longer a child at age 19, but a young adult looking to make his way in the world as he is on the verge of completing his secondary school education.It’s a bright future made possible only through his hard work and determination, the loving home he found at the Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya,