For the employees of the federal government, the Combined Federal Campaign allows them to pledge support to approved charitable organizations such as Bread and Water for Africa®.

Today, in the midst of a global pandemic which has put a severe strain on resources in the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where we work, the need for food, water, medical services, children’s homes, and more is greater than ever.

Among our missions, this year is to continue to be able to continue providing access to safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing — and in these times, regular hand-washing, to help prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In addition to the generous support of the federal employees who have designated Bread and Water for Africa® as their beneficiary for a portion of their regular paychecks, we are especially grateful to the Office of Personnel Management which has approved a special solicitation and has opened the CFC online pledge portal and mobile giving app through June 30 to accept supplemental, one-time or recurring donations to CFC-participating charities including Bread and Water for Africa.

“This is an opportunity to help even more if you are able,” states the OPM in a memo to federal employees. “If you did not make a payroll pledge during the 2019 campaign, you have the additional opportunity to pledge via payroll allotment.

“Supporting charities in this way empowers them to do what they do best, benefiting all of our communities locally and around the world during this time of great need.”

At Bread and Water for Africa ®, we are thankful to all the federal employees who have so selflessly put their trust in us which is enabling us to provide clean water to tens of thousands of African children, parents and elders, especially in these times when washing hands regularly can be a matter of life and death.