Lewa Children's Home

The development of the Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya embodies the incredible strides Bread and Water for Africa® has made in Kenya over the years. For over 20 years, Bread and Water for Africa® has supported the Children’s Home. The Home now takes in orphans not only from Kenya, but from surrounding countries as well, providing refuge for orphans including sick and disabled children and infants for whom other homes refuse care.

Children from Lewa Children's Home thank Bread and Water for Africa®

In 2006, Bread and Water for Africa® funded the reconstruction of the Home, and strategically situated it next to Baraka Farm, an ongoing self-sufficient farming program, so the two could work closely together. The collaboration between the two projects, and the nearby Kipkeino School has greatly increased the Home’s overall prosperity.

Lewa Childrens' Home

The programs’ collaboration has led to an even more promising foundation for the youth of the Children’s Home. With the home as a base, the neighboring Baraka Farm provides food, a steady income and an agricultural education to the children of the home, while the nearby Kipkeino School allows the Home’s youth a free quality education, provided they were previously attending the Home’s preparatory nursery class. The partnership among all three programs has made each one more individually successful and vital. The children of the orphanage, who were once lacking a roof over their heads and any semblance of a family, now receive fresh food, the best primary education Kenya has to offer, free of charge, and best of all a large, loving and nurturing family.