Jeneba is grateful to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for making it possible to for us to provide funding for our partner  Rural Youth Development Organization Sierra Leone enabling us to renovations its Mokoba clinic where she gave birth to twins.

In addition to receiving health care for indigent people such as Jeneba the clinic also provided her with food and free medicines.

I was blessed because when I saw the newly rehabilitated clinic,” she told us. “Thanks to the Mokoba clinic run by RYDO-SL and God almighty for the survival of my twins and me.”

Peter is the town chief of the Mokoba community is another who expressed his sincere gratitude for the clinic including the furniture, medical supplies and medicines.

Before, nurses would have to tell patients that there were no medicines at the clinic and patients would have to return home sick,” says Peter. “But since Bread and Water for Africa started working with RYDO-SL there has been a reduction of illness in my community.”

And Frances is a nurse who has working at the clinic for four years and explained that the health center was in danger of being closed by the government due to a damaged roof and told of having to assist a pregnant woman in the rain as the roof was not in such poor condition.

With the rehabilitation of the Mokoba clinic the health center is now receiving many patients who are reporting very positive results with the treatment we offer them,” said Francis.