Waterloo students

Class One students learn in temporary school until construction is complete.

In Sierra Leone, obtaining an education is a luxury which is out of reach for many children whose parents, if they have them, cannot afford school fees. Our partner there, the Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO), has been working tirelessly during the past year to put the finishing touches on a new school building.

Prior to the construction project, classes were being held in a temporary structure made of zinc which doesn’t even have a floor. The new primary school building will have classrooms for students in grades 1 to 6, which allows for a more conducive learning environment and will also provide for an increase in school enrollment, along with greater school revenues and ultimately self-sustainability.

Rev. Francis Mambu, executive director of FHDO, reports that the organization is well-positioned to run the new school as it already operates 4 pre-primary, 5 primary and 3 secondary schools with a total of about 700 students. He also notes that as a great percentage of the population cannot afford even a day’s meal, much less paying for school fees and it is against this backdrop that the need school will be catering to the less fortunate as well as providing scholarships to orphans. Learn more about FHDO.


Class Four students await the opening of their new school building.