In Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya and one of the largest in the world, children go hungry as they live in squalor and their parents, if they have any, have no means of buying food for their children, many who are forced to beg or scavenge for something, anything, to eat.

For a fortunate few, the opportunity to attend the Seed School, which provides free education for hundreds of Kibera children, is a godsend.

Not only are they provided with the opportunity for an education, their only pathway out of the slum, they are also fed twice a day – for most the only meals they receive all week.

For the school, it’s a necessary expense, but one the school struggles to cover day after day, week after week, month after month.

Kenya’s ongoing drought and rising food prices have made it very difficult for the school of the Seed School to get enough food each day. Each quarter, the school needs thousands of dollars to cover expenses, including food for the students.

Earlier this year, Bread and Water for Africa® teamed up with the Seed School with the goal of providing meals for 100 students for the entire year at a cost of $72 per child.

Recently we learned that thanks to a generous supporter, on Giving Tuesday this person will match dollar-for-dollar each $36 gift we receive – meaning that for just $36 a child living in the dire poverty of the Kibera slum will be sure of two meals a day each school day for the entire year!

Your support on this Giving Tuesday will help each child receive an education – and have two meals on school days so they can grow strong, concentrate on their studies, and be healthy and successful. Share the hashtag #FeedSeed and #FeedSeedKids on social media.

$36 amounts to just $3 per month for a year – isn’t that worth the cost to feed a hungry child?