Who You Help

From infants to mothers, fishermen to women farmers.  These are just some of the stories of the individuals throughout Africa who’s lives have changed with the support of Bread and Water for Africa

Water Sachets (packets) Provide Safe Relief from Thirst

Moriba Town, Sierra Leone, has an estimated population of more than 5,000, and thousands more in the surrounding towns and villages of the Bonthe District. However, in the impoverished country “access to [clean water] in the provinces is a big challenge and the Bonthe...

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A New Poultry Facility for Sierra Leone

Five thousand chickens is a lot of chickens – especially in an impoverished country such as Sierra Leone. Many go hungry for days on end and chicken is a delicacy compared with the everyday meal of beans and rice.   “The evidence suggests that Sierra Leoneans love...

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Rainy Sunday… That did NOT stop us!

Nearly a dozen runner and walkers spent a rainy Sunday morning, June 3, to participate in the Bread and Water for Africa® “ Wata for Salone! ” 5K in Arlington, Virginia. The dedicated participants joined together with even more volunteers and those who supported them...

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Maize for Lewa

  Corn, or maize as it’s known in Kenya, is a staple food for the residents of the East African country. The maize is grounded into flour to make ugali (imagine grits cooked to the consistency of Playdough). The ugali is eaten with sukuma wiki (collard greens braised...

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Safe Water or Education

What would you choose: Safe Water or an Education? In most villages in Sierra Leone, school-age girls and boys walk up to five miles a day to fetch water for their families. By the time they get back home they are physically exhausted from carrying 40-pound jugs of...

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