Why Africa

Bread and Water for Africa® was founded in 1997 in the knowledge that there is no place in the world with the greatest needs for the basic necessities of life than sub-Saharan Africa. Bread and Water for Africa® was created to address the need for clean water, food, healthcare, orphan care, education and more in the hardest hit areas of the poorest countries in the world. In these areas only a few dollars of support makes a life-saving difference in the lives of tens of thousands annually.


Bread and Water for Africa® does not operate programs in Africa directly, knowing that those best suited to do so are the grassroots organizations located in countries including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


What Bread and Water for Africa® does do is provide support for these organizations which are vetted during an extensive application process for grants in the form direct funding as well as in-kind items such as books for schools, medicine, medical supplies and equipment for clinics and hospitals.