Imagine starting your morning as usual and then hearing the nearby faint cry of an infant.

You look around. You see no family, no passerby to speak of. Just some nearby bushes and shrubbery. On investigating you find a small child wrapped in a mere cloth. Left to die.

This is the story of little Zoe, who is now 3 years old and living with her ‘family’ at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre. After being found in the bushes, the police were called to take her to the hospital where she was christened with the name Zoe – which means “A God-given life”. Her life was saved that day and she will only know the life she has been gifted by the Kabwata Orphanage that has raised her, fed her, clothed her, and loved her since that fateful day.

Bread and Water for Africa® supports over 74 children, many with backgrounds as tragic as Zoe’s, through the Kabwata Orphanage in Zambia, many with backgrounds as tragic as Zoe’s. Recently, we have been able to help Kabwata start a farm that can provide a more stable food source for the little ones they care for. Their progress is illustrative of the vision we have for all of our partners and their admirable programs – they are on the way to being a sustainable force for the future of Africa and its children. Just think, how many more children like Zoe could they save?

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