Devastating flooding and mudslides have hit Sierra Leone washing away entire communities on the outskirts of Freetown.

Bread and Water for Africa® is responding to this emergency. Days of torrential rain have created terrifying mudslides in northern Sierra Leone, where our partner Faith Healing Development Corporation (FHDO) works to provide schooling, health care, and food to the poor. Thousands are feared dead and missing, and Rev. Mambu, FHDO Executive Director, reports that the situation is dire, with children in his care critically injured, and tragically, dying.

Massive flooding has left tens of thousands without shelter. Another deadly outbreak of cholera is a near certainty. We are air-freighting a container of emergency medical supplies tomorrow that can help meet the needs of 20,000 individuals. With the support of our donors, we will send funds to buy bottled water, medical supplies, water purification tablets, and oral rehydration kits. Next week, we will ship tons of disaster relief supplies, including medical, hygiene, and other relief items. Because of the caring and immediate support of our donors and partners, we are able to quickly respond to this crisis to save lives.