Faith Healing Development Organization


Faith Healing Development Organization and its founder and director, Rev. Francis Mambu, are long-time partners of Bread and Water for Africa®
Together we have worked for many years to address the critical needs in the impoverished country, including:
  • providing access to healthcare, especially for young mothers and infants and children under five;
  • expanding educational opportunities for children and youth by building schools;
  • digging wells so thousands in rural communities have access to safe drinking water; and,
  • offering programs to support small farmers, particularly women, so they can feed their families.


Funding to expand the agriculture project and poultry project Gari (cassava) production facility. In addition, solar power and a truck for the farm are needed to run a successful farm operation.

Latest News/Blogs

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The Faith Healing Agricultural Project (FHAP) is an offshoot of the longtime partner of Bread and Water for Africa®, Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO) in Sierra Leone and operates with mission of helping small farmers achieve food security. FHAP does this...

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