Thanks to the support of African children through your generous gifts to Bread and Water for Africa®, we started funding the construction of a clinic/hospital in Douala about three years ago.

The clinic was supposed to open in May of 2018, but because of the election of the new president in Cameroon and some civil unrest in the north of the country, the opening was delayed.

Now, the clinic is finished and ready to start helping the people of this poor and disease filled country, but before the clinic can help Cameroonian children, we need to send a major shipment of medical supplies and equipment.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to equip the clinic with medical supplies. Around 30 percent of Douala’s population lives in poverty, and the clinic will serve tens of thousands of mothers and children. They will receive life-lengthening and life-saving treatment there for years to come if we’re successful.

Please know that you absolutely can make a difference on Giving Tuesday in so many ways.

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