This past June, we organized our very first 5K run to fundraise for a water well in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. We are happy to announce that the water well, after months of geological surveys and site adjustments, is finished!

Ethiopia was gripped in a devastating drought that was affecting hundreds of communities this year. Farms were drying out, people were becoming ill, and livestock was dying. Parents were keeping their children from going to school because of lack of water close to the school. Bread and Water for Africa selected to build the well at Harb Full Circle Elementary School! Their primary source of water before the well was unprotected springs, the only source for bathing and cooking.

Now, with the water well at Harb Full Circle Elementary completed, the enrolled class of 2,840 students of grades 1-8 will benefit from clean water. Attendance will improve and children will get the education they need for a bright future! The school will be able to retain its teaching staff of 50 professionals and support staff because having a clean water source is ideal for employment. We cannot wait to hear about the increased performance the school will inevitably report in the coming semesters.

We are extremely grateful to all the runners and walkers who raised the money needed. We would like to thank the local DC staffing and consulting firm, Eliassen Group for their contribution and runners as well as the local talent agency, Pinch Harmonics for their support! We also are appreciative of all the donors and volunteers who made this event possible and water well a reality!